"We spend our whole lives trying to find out who we are, no one told us thats up to us to decided."


-Stephen Hugh Berry



      My Name is Stephen Hugh Berry. I am originally from Boston Massachusetts but now reside in Florida. I was born into the Jamaican culture where I picked up a love for blending and mixing music. In High school, doctors diagnosed me with stage 3 Nonhodgkin's lymphoma (Cancer) this experience changed my perspective on life. I was fortunate to beat this cancer only by God's Grace. After Highschool, I spent seven years performing music in my local city near me. My Experience in the sales and networking allowed me to be present, and develop a passion for others by interaction and empowerment.

      I enjoy speaking, teaching and helping people improve their personal lives. One day I realized something when I was in high school I had no direction I did not know what I wanted to do with my life and I did not know who I was. So out of this thought, I began to commit my life to helping others, I put together an event at my former high school to speak with the students and give them all the tools I wish I had when I was in their position. Hughs Story is all about sharing my insights, life experiences and my Journey with others. My Goal is to serve others and help them cultivate the mindset and the life they have always wanted.